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Once you have been with the club for 6 weeks, we will ask that Juniors purchase a club shirt kit. The kit consists of t-shirt and shorts with our embroidered logo on. The cost of the kit is £34.  Sample sizes are available to try on prior to you placing your order.  Please ask Mel if you wish to purchase a kit.

Until you have a kit, all Junior’s should be wearing above knee navy shorts (or sports skirts for the girls if preferred), white socks and white trainers. Please ensure that the trainers are light and suitable for indoor sporting activities. Heavy clumpy ‘fashion trainers’ are not suitable as they restrict movement and can cause joint problems. Tracksuit bottoms/tops of any colour may be worn for the warm up, but Junior’s will be asked to remove them for the coaching session.

​There are specific companies who produce table tennis shoes, clothing and equipment. We strongly advise that you purchase correct footwear as they are designed specifically for table tennis.   There are often deals available on the different provider websites, so please refer to the Useful Links section of this pack for the providers’ details.  




After approximately six weeks with us, parents/guardians should know whether their Junior wishes to continue to play table tennis. At this time, we would ask that a bat is purchased for them. It is important to have a bat of their own so that they get used to training with their bat in order to develop and improve.  Please speak to one of the coaches to discuss this.

Please do not just go to your local sports shop and buy one as the bats sold there are not the most appropriate for table tennis play and are a waste of your money.

If you decide to purchase a new bat, please speak to one of the coaches first as there are many different types of bat rubbers and blades.
If you cannot wait, there are some effective pre-assembled starter bats available via Table Tennis at

Contact Maria on 01304 369 996 or, and mention our club name, she may be able to offer a small discount.





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