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​The lesson (referred to as ‘coaching session’) takes place on a Friday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the MegaCentre Rayleigh, 7 Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7UT. The venue boasts 10 tables in our main room and 4 in our smaller room.
The session runs for two hours.  We charge £24 per month payable by standing order.   Your first session will be a taster session and will be free of charge, 

The session will typically consist of some warm up exercises, concentration on specific stroke play/exercises and then conclude with some competitive match play and match scoring practice.

Dropping off and Collecting Juniors

Please ensure your Juniors are dropped off safely at the main hall. The MegaCentre offers free car parking facilities.
Please also ensure that Juniors are collected by parents/guardians from the main hall at 9.30pm. Their safety is our primary concern, but we cannot take responsibility for them if they are allowed to wander out of the hall at the end of the sessions into waiting cars.



We pride ourselves on the reputation we have for the conduct of our Juniors during table tennis matches and at tournaments. Juniors will be encouraged to conduct themselves professionally throughout the session. We consider ourselves a team, therefore, for part of the session, abilities will be mixed. Stronger players will be required to play with the less experienced players. This helps to bring the less experienced players abilities up at a faster rate, and assists the stronger players with their feeding skills and consistency and encourages class interaction.

​We make the coaching sessions fun, informative and maximise the amount of table time they have. We work hard to teach the Juniors the basics of the game and then build on those skills and improve their ability and matchplay.
In return for this, we ask that the Juniors listen to the coaches, respect their knowledge and work hard during the session.
In the event that a junior is disruptive to the coaching session or is behaving inappropriately, they will be spoken to during the session, or if necessary, we will discuss the behaviour with their parent/guardian. We do reserve the right to ask a Junior to leave the club if their behaviour is inappropriate.


Session Attendance

Once a Junior has joined the club, they will be encouraged to attend each week. We cannot stress enough the importance of attending regularly. Certain concepts/strokes are taught every few weeks, so if weeks are missed here and there, it may be some time before that concept is covered again. We appreciate that it may not always be possible to attend every week, but it is so important to attend as often as possible.



Although the room is air-conditioned, it can still get warm.  It is important that Juniors bring along fluids to drink during the evening. There is a vending machine in the main reception, but it can often run out, so we encourage Juniors not to rely on the machine. 






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